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Available immediately my Kindle book “THE MAN AND THE STARS – INTERVIEW WITH ASTROLOGY” (Amazon reference B0C6QDKRQC) which in the paper version will be 824 pages in the vertical format of 6×8.25 inches.

Here you can read the beginning:



I am writing the preface of this book almost at the stroke of my seventy-five years of life and I have considered this, from the first moment in which I toyed with the idea of this editorial project, my burden, a precise duty, not a pleasure and not at all an exercise in vanity or narcissism, which I should have faced for a number of reasons that I will try to explain below.

Let me step back and quote someone and something that perhaps, legitimately, more than one will deem to be a “blasphemous” reference.

The great Carl Gustav Jung who inspired an important slice of my knowledge and choices in my life, shortly before his death agreed to give a series of lectures on the English BBC and, in that cycle of radio broadcasts which later became one of his best- also a literary seller (“Man and his symbols”), the great Zurich psychologist and philosopher felt the duty to leave, with those interviews and with the book that followed, a kind of cultural testament, a “point of the situation of psychology” within the knowable, in the very few years preceding his death.

For various reasons I believe I have the duty, even before the right, to try to do the same for astrology.

And I immediately offer you a proof of what he will later develop together with Paola Cannatello, a successful writer and author to whom a very long journey of esteem and friendship binds me.

One of the questions Jung was unable to answer was: “In the light of your current knowledge, would you be able to say whether Astrology can or should be considered within a logic of phenomena of causes and effects or in the ‘streamline of what you call ‘the principle of synchronicity?’”

Unfortunately Carl Gustav Jung died and failed to answer that question.

I think I can do it, with the support of scientific studies that the father of analytical psychology did not know (I will write about it later).

Here, beyond boasting or presumptions, I have the duty to consider that to many questions on the current state of knowledge of Astrology I, more than many other colleagues and colleagues, can and must have my say, before leaving the field to whom, I hope, will be able to carry on this wonderful branch of human knowledge in the decades to come.

For obvious reasons and which place me in a position of extreme sense of duty, I have to accept the fact of being the greatest living astrologer1 and it is in reference to this, above all, that I have undertaken this new and enormous popularizing work of which I would have gladly done unless, perhaps opting for the drafting of horoscopes and horoscopes, much more lucrative than this tome which perhaps will only be read by very few people (at least as long as I’m alive).

What is written in these first few lines already says why the subtitle, which is also the real title of this book, is “Interview with Astrology.”

As always, in my life, especially as an astrologer, I expect many disputes in relation to this, but if I had sought consensus, in my life, I would have chosen another direction of my personal journey: for example, I would have continued my studies in physics, I would have graduated in that discipline, perhaps I would have even taught it at university because I study day and night what I like and I would have enjoyed the “general respect” that is due to anyone who cloaks himself in a scientific robe and/or widely admired shared.


Milan, 27 May 2023



Since I wrote such a statement, even scandalous for many, it is my duty to support it with objective elements, regardless of whether they will be recognized as such or only boasts by my opponents.

– I alone have published more books than the 4-5 most famous colleagues of mine globally have combined their books in a single calculation.

– I write, on the back cover of my books, that I have published over 140 books: in fact they are more than 160 (many of them exceed 400, 500, 600, 800 and even 1200 pages), if we consider that several of them , are, for example, increased by more than one hundred pages at a time in each successive edition.

– Esteemed and very good colleagues have published, like me, for some of the major astrological publishing houses in the world, but only the undersigned has been published, at the same time, by very prestigious competing publishing houses: I had the honor and the pleasure to publish for the American Federation of Astrologers, almost certainly the most important astrology publishing house in the world, but also – and here you can read an initial interesting comparison – for the very prestigious Éditions Traditionnelles of Paris and for the Scuola of Classical Astrology of Moscow, for the publisher Giovanni Armenia of Milan, for Edizioni Mediterranee of Rome and for many other publishing houses of international prestige. I could have continued on this road, but this would have slowed me down a lot given that for every editorial project with an important publishing house years can pass before the realization and then I preferred to publish more than half of my books with my Ricerca ‘90 publishing house and using the Amazon platform. However, I consider the issue of the Publisher to be a very important item in assessing the credibility of an author.

– After the statistical works of the Gauquelin spouses and those of Didier Castille, mine were the most important for the number of data processed in relation to astral heredity (over 75,000 subjects) and for the positive results obtained (obviously not recognized by the Official Science which I required repeating these studies indefinitely, until I found negative results). You can read about these researches in my book “Polythematic Observations on Disciple-Miele Research” which can be downloaded for free here:

– Only two of my astrological laws have been accepted by Official Science and they are, to all intents and purposes, the only two astrological paradigms accepted by Science. You can read about this very important chapter of my bio-bibliography (in Italian, English and French, in the following volume, downloadable for free and entitled “The 20 Days Before and After the Birthday”): https:/ /

– My passion for research in general and for scientific and statistical research in particular had a precise location when, from the age of 19 up to the age of 24, I was assistant researcher at the Italian National Research Council and, for two years , I was responsible for the “Laboratory of Electronic Measurements” of the Istituto Motori of Naples. Since then I have also loved dedicating myself to the mathematical part of Astrology, developing algorithms that allowed me to publish, before any other colleague in the world, many volumes of ancient and modern ephemeris, studies of spherical trigonometry on the Primary Directions, studies on the Placidus house extreme latitudes, highly advanced astrological software, such as, which allow the automatic search for the best targeted birthdays in the world, for each year of a subject.

– In 1990 I founded the astrology quarterly Ricerca ‘90 which I published, on paper, for twenty years.

– I have posted over a thousand Astrology lessons on YouTube.

– I have published over 300 Astrology essays, almost all of them on Google Book.

– Books like Transits and Solar Returns have been best sellers around the world and have been published in eight languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Slovenian and Hungarian.

– I created a new branch of astrology, Active Astrology, which today is followed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and which is based, above all, on the choice of spending Aimed Solar Returns and Aimed Lunar Returns in places most diverse on earth.

– I have created what we could call a new “north-west passage”, combining Astrology and analytical psychology in an unprecedented, unique path now followed by many colleagues: the exorcism of the symbol.

– On many points of Astrology practiced by thousands and thousands of students/colleagues, I have opened new paths by discovering realities that are now accepted by almost all colleagues in the world and of which I will indicate only a few:


1) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the eleventh house is much more mournful than the eighth.

2) Bringing to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the Eleventh House is, above all, the House of love, hate, peace and war, between adversaries of all kinds, family, friends, spouses, partners…

3) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the 1st, 6th and 12th House of Solar Return or Lunar Return almost always represent very difficult appointments within a year or a month .

4) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the transits, in the vast majority of cases, can do nothing against the power of a RS or a RL.

5) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the fourth house, unlike what was postulated by a certain esoteric astrology such as that of Alexandre Volguine, does not concern the last part of life, but the second part of the life.

6) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the fourth house and the sign of Cancer have or a lot to do with computer science.

7) That the Ascendant, Sun and Jupiter, albeit in different ways, behave like “bistable oscillators” in the second, seventh and eighth houses.

8) That a stellium even composed only of “positive” stars is mostly difficult if it falls in various houses including the first, sixth, eighth and twelfth.

9) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the value of a cusp is 2.5 degrees and within the same small arc of a circumference a star functions both in the following House and in the preceding one.

10) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that, following the studies of the Gauquelin spouses, it is necessary to take much account of the degrees following the four culmination points, without making confusion, however, between the value of a star angular and that of the same star in cusp.

11) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that the Primary Directions absolutely do not work.

12) Having brought to everyone’s attention the probably irrefutable reality that aspects with very narrow orbits, especially tending towards zero degrees, are among the major factors worthy of study in a natal sky.

And I could go on for many more pages, but I’ll stop here, repeating that all of this, before giving me joy or satisfaction on a heuristic level, puts me in a position of duty towards Urania to whom I dedicate this umpteenth effort of mine.