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In fact, these are two “virtual airports”, but very useful for our research as they are located in two extreme areas of the world: Pitcairn, in Oceania, and Nemuro, in the extreme north-east of Japan.

Pitcairn is a very small island with only 50 inhabitants who are all descendants of the mutineers of the Bounty. As we know, the mutineers of the Bounty, on the run and with the ships of the English navy on their hunt, to disappear from known routes, headed south of Polynesia and there they discovered this islet little bigger than a rock and very difficult to reach by sea for the many rocks that surround it.

The island, which is an English possession, should have received an airport for years, but the very high costs have discouraged every entrepreneur, also taking into account the famous lack of empathy of the inhabitants towards tourists. It is possible, however, to arrive there by sea, with private boats or to take the island as a reference for a birthday to be spent in the sky, on those specific coordinates.

To verify the functioning of this new important function, use these birth data: Naples, Italy, July 17, 1948, at 5.40 am and look for an Aimed Solar Return for 2027 and with the target “Love”: you will find, in the middle of Oceania, also Pitcairn.

Similar speech for Nemuro, where so many people have gone in the last half century and on our advice. The airport with scheduled flights is a few hundred kilometers from there, on the island of Hokkaido, Naka Shibetsu, but it is very useful, for our research, to be able to visualize a “virtual airport” right on Nemuro. To check this, with the same data just written, look for an ALR for April 10, 2023, with a target of “Money Low” and you will also find Nemuro.

Good searches Everyone!