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If you are entering the birth data of a locality, for example Milan in Italy, do not take the first one that appears in the list because this list is very long and very precise, it also indicates Milan in the province of Perugia, a small fraction of the municipality of Spoleto.

What I am writing now also offers me an opportunity to report a small bug that we are aware of, but on which we do not intervene yet because this would slow us down in our race to offer you new and extraordinary research steps.

I am referring to the fact that if in a country there are, for example, 20-30 cities with the same name, let’s say Petropavlovsk or Boston, a few months ago, one of our engineers inserted, for distraction, a block after the visualization of the first cities with the same name.

While waiting to eliminate this small bug, you can easily get around the obstacle by entering, for example, for a birth that interests you, as the name of the place of birth, a town 2-3 kilometers from Boston in Massachusetts.