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Going forward with the practice of that prodigy that is MyAstral, you will discover, even by yourself, new features and new performances that this almost form of artificial intelligence can offer you.
One of them is the use of AstroGeograophy, that is to say how to discover the places on Earth that can see us as winning (in the professional career, in the social sphere, in fame or in love, for health, for the audience that we arouse in others and so on).
For the series, an example is worth a thousand words, here is that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Graz, Austria, July 30, 1947, at 04.10, who first was an actor moving to Hollywood and then even became governor of the state of California.
If he had gone, as a boy, to a good astrologer, and had asked him where to go to live to achieve great success, the male colleague or the female colleague, surely he would have pointed out Los Angeles and its surroundings.
Let’s see how you too would have given him the same advice.
After entering your birth data, already by eye, you would have understood what the location was, but – if not – do not worry: you would have found it with the formidable MyAstral calculation and search engine.
That’s how.

First you would have memorized his birth data and you would have visualized his birth sky, on the left in the first figure.
Later you would have asked for an Aimed Solar Return for his year of birth: 1948, specifying that you want to get a Medium Coeli at about 14 ° in Scorpio and with a tolerance of 4 or 5 degrees of circumference.
Then, in figure 3 you would have immediately seen Los Angeles in the list of airports and, by having him draw the graph for that city (figure 4), not only would you have noticed that indeed Jupiter relocated was very few degrees from the MC of the city of angels, but you would have also noticed a second wonderful dominant Venus over the Descendant !!