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Many of us are following the news of this horrible massacre that occurred in Altavilla Milicia, in the province of Palermo. From the latest statements of the lawyers of the accused, there would already be a total exchange of accusations between Giovanni Barreca and the couple of “brothers of God” made up of Massimo Carandente and Sabrina Fina.

I started studying this horrible crime and I’m only at the beginning, but I believe that the starting point (and not the end point) could be Barreca’s seventeen-year-old daughter, Miriam. The girl who, by her own admission, participated in the torture and murder of her mother and her siblings, certainly has a prominent place in this tragedy: in her father’s sky we find the almost exact opposition between Neptune and the Sun which is in the fifth House.

I will continue to study the case and I will report the entire story, read from my observatory, in the book “Delitti & Delitti II” which however I don’t see as imminent given that I am also working on other projects and also considering the fact that I will have to choose between many (too many! ) crime cases in recent years in Italy.