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Let’s continue in the exercises to understand the functioning and the exceptional performances of MyAstral by examining the Aimed Solar Return of my wife Daniela, for the year 2036.

As you can see, if she spent her birthday in Milan (but it wouldn’t be so different in Rome or in Italy anyway), the Solar Return Ascendant would fall in 12th House, Uranus in 12th House and Saturn, very close to the Ascendant, in the First House. According to the followers of a certain “school” of astrology, these positions would be good for health and would also make the hair grow on the stomach of men and the breasts of women. Unfortunately this is not the case and it must be remembered that not everything that “grows” is positive. So, trying the various MyAstral “targets”, you too can agree that looking for the best places to get a good “low law”, Khabarowsky in Siberia, Russia, may be the best solution. In fact there the Ascendant would fall into the Third House, rather neutral. Mars and Uranus in the Eighth House would almost certainly mean sudden and unexpected expenses, but this can be remedied. Pluto would also be in the Third House and Saturn in the Ninth: good. Neptune and Mercury in the Sixth should not worry much for a person who does not have a strong Neptune by birth: they will be more afraid of any pathologies than real pathologies. Finally Venus and Jupiter in the Seventh House: someone will say, rightly: “But a 74-year-old woman, will she still seek love?”. The answer is “No”, almost certainly. But Venus and Jupiter in the Seventh House are excellent not only for love, but for “making us at peace with everyone, with the whole world” and this is very good for anyone’s health.


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