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The Aimed Solar Return of 2031 for Daniela Discepolo Boscotrecase, erected for Milan, is somewhat negative because it breaks some fundamental rules among the 34.

Now let’s see, however, how by using a simple ‘query’ costing 20 euros, even those who are not subscribers to MyAstral can obtain a splendid result:


– Choose the 20 euro ticket option (one and only one search)

– Select the year and the target you are interested in (in this case 2021 and “Tenth House”)

– Get 328 tips (good tips!)

– We have chosen the return sky of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, because we think that the combination of a good tenth House (Venus in the tenth) and a magnificent cusp of Jupiter between the fifth and sixth Houses, without any violation between the 34 rules, be a magnificent result. But you can also choose other options.

In the end, you will have spent 16.4 euro cents for each good advice received from MyAstral: please, if you find better, report it to us …

A good day to All.