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Dear Giorgia,

I didn’t vote for You, but I like You very much and I also appreciate many of the things you are trying to achieve, starting with the fight against illegal and uncontrolled immigration.

You have a “ton of Saturn on the Ascendant” and Jupiter in the tenth House: excellent from a human point of view because this gives you an exaggerated sense of duty and also brings you success. The opposite would have been worse.

I will be brief and direct, like You: the stars of Your next birthday are not encouraging and You, recalling the famous Kennedy maxim which I am sure you also made, have the duty, before the right, to defend in every way the mission that it was entrusted to You. I could demonstrate to You that others, before You, have already done so, but by hiding the matter well, and – however – I prefer to speak clearly: it would be much better for You and for Italy if on January 16th (and not the 15th), You were in Bergen, Norway, about 4.21 AM.

The double cusp of Venus and Jupiter would be very helpful for the big job that awaits You. Even if that Uranus gives to You some little alliance or health problems.


With best wishes,

Ciro Discepolo