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Dear Ciro,

I used the new software even if for a short time and I send you my first impressions.

First of all, I find the accuracy of the calculations exceptional (things from NASA …) which perhaps to the less experienced may ‘appear excessive if not manic, but which however’ allows, even more than the old Aladdin, to obtain very precise graphs for the whole globe, from north pole to south pole.

Only this extraordinary feature places MyAstral at the top of astrological software all over the world, even above the most famous ones, which, as we know, for a latitude beyond the Arctic circle, cause a distortion of the astrological houses, propose graphs unreliable and therefore not usable.

Unique and also very useful is the possibility to manually intervene on the results obtained automatically by MyAstral, indicating small corrections to be made to the astrological positions, to obtain the desired graph.

The possibility of obtaining the RL automatically is excellent, which avoids resorting to subterfuges with the old Aladdin and not to manually do long and complicated mathematical calculations.

I also find it very interesting the possibility of being able to view MyAstral, as well as on the home PC, even on a mobile device. This allows you to consult the program when you are traveling or in any case away from home.

I do not say anything about the rental costs (some colleagues, however, consider them ‘excessive’) because I imagine the costs to set up the program have been very high. However, I allow myself to suggest that you invite those in charge, to examine the possibility of reducing the prices of subscriptions to those who already own the old Aladdin, as compared to those who do not have it, they partially use the new program.

As I said, mine cannot be a definitive judgment, because with use I could discover new “pearls” in MyAstral.

Many congratulations Ciro, you have hit the mark again.

The march continues …

With love

Luigi Galli


Dear Luigi,

I am pleased that him was you, among the colleagues that I respect most, who wrote more than one line about this software and about this event that I am sure will remain (after I am no longer there) extraordinary for the history of Astrology.

Yours is not really a review, but I appreciated it anyway.

At the end of your intervention, you ask a question and I, before trying to answer it, start from a previous step, the one in which you say you don‘t know if the cost of this service is high or low.

Then, in all evidence, it is zero euro for many people.

For who?

First of all for those who used my couple compatibility page a lot and who have no longer been able to compulsive it in recent years due to the fact that it was regularly sabotaged by some hackers whose precise names and surnames I am sure I know.

I paid, for each sabotage, good computer scientists, out of my own pocket, but that page, shortly after, was sabotaged again. Then I got tired of paying and left it not working.

So the fact that the new page (I very much doubt that it can be sabotaged or that it can be sabotaged without serious consequences for those who try to do so) can be used by everyone, on all platforms, mobile and non-mobile, and in all languages of the world, millions and millions of times, without paying a single penny, it is certainly a fact.

The same can be said, in my opinion, also for those people who love Active Astrology and who study and practice it at the research level or to follow loved ones: with the free 15-day trial option, with unlimited queries, they will be able to study, let’s say, the 100 people most dear to them, for the next twenty years, save all the research results and not pay even a single cent, remaining, in fact, in the 15 days of free use of said software.

Then we can also consider the reality of many scholars who from time to time study, even with professional advice, the stars of a certain number of clients, as well as those of the usual “one hundred” family and close friends.

They, as you know, pay 100 euros for 30 days of unlimited use of this software and, in my opinion, they can do as described in the previous step and save their searches for 100-300 people who are of interest to them and for at least ten years to come. This means, calculating at the lower limit, 100 possible groups of RSM (with target Love or Health or Money, etc.) for ten years, saving all the results. If, as you know, the output can be 100 or 1000 (but it can also reach 10,000) outgoing airports, we are already, for the step I am referring to, to over 1 million responses obtained. If we also add the Lunar Returns to this, we can easily overcome 100 million responses. If I’m not mistaken, 100 euros, divided by 100 million responses, means 0.000001 euros for each advice received, that is 1 millionth of a euro for each advice of mine (not of the computer), because the answers are not only in line with my 34 rules, but with my 34 rules as I taught them to read on the computer.

Now you will surely find many people who will tell you, however: “It’s too much, it’s too much …“, but, as you know, there is no remedy for this.

But I haven’t finished my analysis yet.

Someone might say, and they say it: “It is true, if you put it this way, the cost of using this software, we can consider it zero, but I do not fall into the three categories you described above …”.

That is fine. We see.

Now let’s take the case of a true professional, that is, someone who wants to work every day with astrology and who therefore cannot act, as many already think they do, by subscribing for a month, two or three times a year.

Well, you will agree with me that this is a paradox, because anyone who is a true professional and, let’s say, one day receives any request and the next day also that of the director general of the New York Times, cannot say to him: “Please wait in three months when I will re-subscribe to MyAstral for 30 days and …”.

Yes, but if we are talking about a true professional who pays 1000 euros a year, not much more than Sky, even by enormously reducing the numbers I indicated earlier, we are always in the order of ideas that the user will pay a maximum of 1 thousandth of a euro for all my advice.

It‘s too much?

If it is too much they can ask around who can make them a better offer.

And let’s come to your proposal, that is to ask the Property to provide a discounted subscription to those who twenty or ten years ago bought a copy of Aladdin (I am not talking about Astral which was born in the early Eighties because there we would border on ridicule).

I try to put myself in the minds of the Arab investors to whom I should ask the question and who, roughly, would understand something like this, not all being experts in astrology or even in computer science:

“I, John Smith, bought a diesel-powered Citroen twenty years ago. Now I have learned two very interesting things: 1) That Tesla bought Citroen; 2) That Tesla has just released a new liquid hydrogen car.

Being an old Citroen customer, could I buy the liquid hydrogen Tesla at an interesting discount?”.

What do you think Arab investors would answer? If you can’t imagine it, I’ll be able to suggest (in private) some of their possible answers.


Best regards,



P.S. If you ever have to talk about MyAstral again, please don’t forget to tell those who listen to you or who read you that, when the new step (MyAstral Google Maps) is ready, in a short time, subscribers will be able to use that too, at no additional cost.