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For those hundred and more coffees that have been offered to me.

I will meet whoever offered them to me, and also others, on Saturday 4 February 2023, in Milan, at SpazioPin, viale Monte Santo, 5, where I have already met students and colleagues in the past, from 1 to 5.30 pm (with no break).

Admission will be free and free.

As you will remember, it has been for a couple of years after the beginning of my Astrology studies that I have held meetings, conferences, seminars and presentations without interruption, almost always completely free (except for me who had to pay the expenses) and open to all and therefore I am referring to a custom that has lasted for over half a century.

Also in the last two years I have organized various meetings, here in Milan, which were attended by very few people and, almost all those who were unable to be present, said they were willing to offer me a coffee to have a good chat for two. Unfortunately too many coffees make me sick and so I wanted to organize this new meeting, for a collective greeting and chat.

Don’t worry about letting me know if you can’t be present because I’m organizing this umpteenth meeting only for you and not for me.

However, kindly, if you can’t participate, don’t offer me any more coffees in private.