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Today I would like to explain one of my Aimed Lunar Returns of February 26, 2019, when I went to one of the most northerly places in the world: Torkjosen, Norway, well beyond the Arctic Circle, around 70 ° North latitude.
My aim was, in all evidence, to take away a bad Lunar Return to Italy and to place, instead, one of my favorite positions: Venus exactly on the cusp between the fifth and sixth houses, excellent both for further consolidating my already an excellent relationship as a couple, both to push Daniela, my wife to work placement (which there was) and to protect my work and my health. I consider the position of Venus in the fifth / sixth house cusp to be one of the best ever.
The journey was quite long, as you can see, with four outbound flights and four return flights.
Repeating the exercise today, with MyAstral, I found the final destination without any difficulty, looking for the exact cusp of the sixth house in the automatic search for airports.
But there was still a problem to be solved in 2019, which I solved in this way. Once I reached my destination, I had to find myself, at the precise moment of the return, not “around” the Sokjiosen airport, choosing a place at random, but in a very precise point.
At that time MyAstral did not exist yet and I used Aladdin’s graphic search by identifying a pond of about 10 meters which, in addition to being very good for my purpose, was very visible from the taxi that took me there.
Now, apparently, I could not do this, but within a few weeks, we will add another very important function to MyAstral, without increasing the cost of the subscription to this wonderful research tool: the analysis of the sky of SR and LR by means of MyAstral Google Maps: find the precise point of the Earth, meter by meter, directly on the Google Maps map.