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This is the first exercise of many to learn how to use MyAstral and is about the 2022 birthday of my wife, Daniela Boscotrecase, born in Naples, Italy, on April 8, 1962, at 14.35 (2.35pm).
As you can see from the first screenshot of the site, the Aimed Solar Return 2022, for Daniela, erected for Milan, Italy, where we live from six years, would have been very hard: one of the hardest I have seen in the whole my life.

Here we talk about her sixtieth birthday and Daniela has left for the ASR since she was forty.

Therefore it would have been little logical, if not downright crazy, to start not leaving just in the year in which Mars and Saturn would have been close to her Ascendant and a stellium would have positioned itself between her first and twelfth house.

So we asked MyAstral not only to remove these very ugly astral positions (which are described in my 34 rules), but also to look for a place where Daniela could turn her bad sky upside down and turn it into a very good sky, with values of 10th House: If you want, consult my book Transits and Solar Returns, published by the American Federation of Astrologers.
Below you can see the screenshot of the MyAstral mask by means of which we launched our request.


Below you can see some of the many airports suggested by MyAstral to achieve this result.
I looked through the list and saw Jakarta, but I didn’t see Irkutsk, as I expected to see. Being Irkutsk a little further west of Jakarta, I would have expected to see a very close Venus at Medium Coeli and, above all, using a very high geographical latitude, not to have Uranus in the twelfth house.
But the results were in front of my eyes and for a few minutes I didn’t understand. Then I exclaimed: “He’s right (MyAstral)!” because I understood the reason for the exclusion of the Irkutsk airport where I, a few years ago, spent one of my Aimed Lunar Returns: in that city overlooking Lake Baikal which is the largest in the world and located in Siberian Mongolia, much far north of Beijijng, Saturn would have been less than 12° from the Medium Coeli and one of my 34 rules prohibits this. However, in this case, based on my experience of 52 years of studies on tens of thousands of Aimed Solar Returns, I also knew that by placing Venus immediately after the culmination, I would create a “shield” between Saturn and the MC and therefore I could have accepted that.
But in order to verify this, I had to order MyAstral to operate outside my 34 rules and so I did.
As you can see from the screenshots that follow, I didn’t ask this wonderful software to find me a good tenth house, but I gave it a “dry” order that forced it to do a search outside the framework of my 34 rules.
Here’s how I operated. I asked, among the various search targets (“Tenth House”, Love, Wellness, Money, etc.) to look for the airports in every part of the world that would give me, in the Aimed Solar Return graph, a 5° Midheaven in Pisces, with a tolerance of 1 degree of circumference.
As you can see from the following screenshots, at this point, MyAstral offered me a new selection of airports, including that of Irkutsk, confirming to put a Venus very close to the MC, as well as a Jupiter in the tenth house and all this without causing Uranus to fall in twelfth house.
Then, using the appropriate MyAstral button, I was also able to see the relative geographical map of the chosen airport, in a new window managed by Google Maps.
Interesting, isn’t it?