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Emanuela Orlandi would have turned 55 today.

As Pope Francis said to his family a few days after his election to the throne of Peter, “Emanuela is in heaven”.

This, for every believer, is a suggestive image and could also partially smooth out the heaviness of thinking of it buried somewhere, anonymously. But for his family members, starting with his brother Pietro who has always fought for at least one word of truth to be said about this very sad story, such an affirmation not only did not arouse and does not give rise to any relief, not even of a spiritual kind, but it presents even offensive within a very long story made of pain, sadness and even legitimate anger.

The Pope promised, a few days ago (in the 20 days before Emanuela’s birthday) that clarity will be clarified and that “any” dossiers in the Vatican’s possession will be disclosed.

Will it be true?

We cannot know and we cannot even know how much of the truth will be disclosed with respect to the total number of the mystery for which rivers of ink have been written and all-round investigations promoted which would have identified, with certainty, clues that would prove everything and also the opposite of everything: from the “grey wolves” and the KGB who wanted to obtain the release of Mehmet Ali Ağca in order to then be able to kill him and silence him forever, to the mafia who intended to blackmail the Vatican for the “non-return” of large capital dirty money laundered by Paul Marcinkus and Roberto Calvi in ​​order to secretly finance Solidarność, to the Magliana gang who, through a “photographer-fixer” (Marco Accetti) in the guise of Alighiero Noschese who imitated improbable phone calls from “the American” to many other Bulgarian or ufological tracks that would delight the imagination and verve of mystery writers and aspiring visitors to Masonic lodges.

We don’t know it, but the reading of the stars does not pass through the tortuous paths of censored or censored human minds or dim light and is crystal clear, like a spring of water in the high mountains (continue in Ciro Discepolo’s blog).