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Hello Ciro,

I renewed my MyAstral subscription yesterday and noticed that the program was giving me wrong degrees on TN and consequently also on RSMs, compared to the past months when I worked on MyAstral.

Silvia 09/01/1975 Craiova – Romania at 11.35pm

A hug


Good morning Silvia.

It is probable that you have used, after a month, two different “Craiova” present in the MyAstral database, as you can see from the screenshot that I post here.

For future searches, I suggest that you also always check the “Maps” of each location, which MyAstral allows you to do by simply pressing the small button next to the location name.

Here I publish the two “Maps” of the two different “Craiova” in Romania. This shouldn’t surprise you because we want to work with very high precision and therefore it is necessary to avoid even small oversights in entering the city of birth. I’ll give you an easier example, since you’ve been living in Italy for a very long time: if we enter the birth data of a person born in Milan, if we aren’t careful and take the first place that appears in the list, we’ll choose a “Milan” in the province of Perugia which is certainly not the one we wanted to indicate.

A hug to you too.