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Welcome Elizabeth!

I believe that you have already answered the first question: you say that you have not found any good location for your next birthday, but immediately afterwards you state that you have chosen one with many stars in the “Wellness section”: in fact you may not have a good solution with other targets, but you cannot have found zero solutions in all targets. And, therefore, for a given year, if we are unable to find high-performing airports to increase the values of our Tenth House or our Second House, we can search among the many other available targets (Wellness, Love, Travel, etc.).

I repeat it again: the most exceptional peculiarity of this software consists in the fact that it cannot be wrong and will never be able to recommend a location that breaks one of the 34 rules!

And this, by itself, seems to me an extraordinary result.

Obviously for some localities, even without breaking one of the 34 rules, there may be some astral position that we don’t like, such as Saturn in the 2nd House, but this is very different from breaking one of the 34 rules.

And let’s move on to your second question.

As you can see from the screenshot that I show you here, in the Wellness search for you, in 2023, MyAstral suggests 122 airports, but it stops in Russia and precisely in Nizhniy Novgorod and cannot in any way suggest Elizabeth Town in North Carolina because even by observing by eye it can be seen that going west of Boston, we will place Saturn in the Midheaven and Mars on the Ascendant.

So? Then most likely, when you asked for health as a target, you probably entered a different research year and not 2023.

Do the calculation and check again. Check also you who read us and let us know if you find anomalies.

One more thing. Be careful to use the precise location option well:


– Enter the name of the location

– Select the location in the list you compare

– When you see it represented on the map, enlarge the map and click on the point that interests you

– Then press the “Search” button

– You will see that the result will be identical to the one proposed by the MyAstral calculation engine

I wish you good research.