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Good evening everyone!
I premise that I am not an expert in astrology but I have been doing RSM for about 10 years without interruption.
Haven’t done during the COVID time and this year 2022 (stayed in London)
I’ve seen the RSM 2023 in London and Venice and it’s a disaster!! 12th house in my ascendant.. ok I know it’s time to go!
I would like to ask 2 questions:
– how do I know what is the best “condition” to select to leave? Welfare or Tenth House? is it the same with an ascendant in the twelfth house?
– I tried to select the “condition” and MyAstral shares many places. Great! Many airports have 5 stars… which one is better?
I really appreciate if you help me.
Thank you and greetings

Hi, Annalisa, and welcome to this space.
I will try to answer your questions starting from a practical example because I am convinced that a practical example is worth more than a hundred words.
Let’s refer to any subject for which we have calculated the Aimed Lunar Return for next February. If this subject were to remain in Italy, where he lives, he would take Uranus on the cusp of the fifth/sixth House and Mars in the seventh: not particularly bad positions, but not good either. Now let’s assume that he wants to change this sky to a good Lunar Return sky on the target tenth House.
He runs the query in MyAstral and gets this short list of locations located between Kazakhstan and Siberia (Russia).
He considers that MyAstral is not limited to carrying out a single and very important job, but more than one at the same time:

– It allows us to reach the main target that we want
– It allows us, even before that, to avoid all the places in the world where we could violate the 34 rules that are the basis of this school
– It also allows us, on the side, to insert some stars in certain Houses and to exclude others from other Houses, an operation which presents itself as a further and very important enrichment of this research.

Let’s go back to our example.
An expert astrologer of our school would understand, just by looking at the first graph, where is the substantial difference between the different recommended outputs: in Kazakhstan the number of stars, compared to Russia, on the “Tenth House” target is higher because in Syktyvkar, Republic of Komì, in addition to Venus and Jupiter in the Tenth House, we also find Neptune, which could disturb a little (but not too much).
However, in Syktyvkar, at a geographical longitude not far from that of the first graph, by greatly increasing the geographical latitude, we narrow the 8th House and throw Saturn out of the 8th House, dropping it in the 9th House.
Is this useful? I think it’s very useful!! Because, even if it were to be a simple tax received for incorrect car driving, there would still be so much money going out that if we can avoid it, it’s better to avoid it.
Now let’s take a quick look at your upcoming birthday. If we choose the “Tenth House” target, we could consider Soldotna, Alaska, which does not reach the highest number of stars because the Sun is not zero degrees away from the MC, but which has, however, two really interesting little pearls: the Venus cusp between the 10th and 11th Houses and Pluto’s cusp between the 4th and 5th Houses.
Instead, let’s see with the “Wellness” target: in the Seychelles there is a possible ASR that I would probably prefer to that of Alaska where we would have to accept Saturn in the sixth House which is not a violation of the 34 rules, but which is certainly not good for health .
Here, on the other hand, we have a beautiful Jupiter that protects quite a bit, almost 360 degrees, and also a very interesting second House and tenth House.
At this point MyAstral’s task ends and the subject, according to his expectations, will choose the best sky for himself, but without running the risk of violating the 34 rules and also being certain of reaching the target he would like to reach.
One last consideration: in our opinion MyAstral is an extraordinary, exceptional, technical tool that acts as a tutor and dispenses invaluable advice. You and anyone else, paying only 100 euros, can query MyAstral even thousands and thousands of times in a month, but then, after having learned a lot from it, if you still don’t feel completely ready for a choice, you also have the option of requesting help to one of our colleagues who really follows the 34 rules and doesn’t declare it just to get publicity.
Happy Birthday.