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The following are my Aimed Solar Returns recommendations for Daniela, my wife, for the years 2051 to 2062. I’ll stop there.

I would like to point out, but many will understand it on their own, that in these last trance of years, especially considering the advanced age that my wife will be (I hope), I have paid much more attention to favoring locations that are not too far away or easy to reach and, possibly, also economical from the point of view of travel expenses.

Here is the list:


2051 Flores, Azores

2052 Istanbul, Turkey

2053 Hami, China

2054 Trieste, Italy

2055 Sydney, Nova Scotia

2056 Vienna, Austria

2057 Gaspé, Quebec

2058 Vorkuta, Russia

2059 Dresden, Germany

2060 Washington D.C.

2061 Las Palmas, Spanish

2062 Belfast, Northern Ireland