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A simple exercise to remember the extraordinary, unique, possibilities of MyAstral.

What you see pictured here is the possible ASR of King Charles III of England for his birthday in 2027.

As you will note, if He were to spend his birthday there that year, he would get the double cusp of Jupiter, almost exactly conjunct the Ascendant, and Venus at the Bottom of the Sky. This is done by simply choosing the official coordinates of the Norwegian capital.

But it is possible to do more, much more.

In fact, using the Google Maps utility, within MyAstral and without leaving MyAstral, you can proceed for practically unlimited geographical enlargements and consequently select, in those surroundings, even a specific room inside a hotel in the area where obtain an AS/Jupiter distance equal to zero degrees and also zero primes and, at the same time, even the minimum angular distance between Venus and the third/fourth House cusp.

It is useless to remember, in this regard, that according to the law of energy propagation, discovered by Albert Einstein, a distance of zero degrees between the Ascendant of SR and Jupiter is worth 1000 points on a scale from 1 to a thousand…

Obviously you can also be satisfied with getting close to similar results without ever even touching them. For the series “he who is content enjoys…”