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There is time to sleep and so let’s go ahead at a brisk pace to proceed, day after day, to further improve MyAstral, even when you don’t notice the improvements made even on a daily basis.

From today a new look for the “Score Couple Compatibility” is operational and it is not only an aesthetic improvement, but above all a functional one.

Here, in the image you see, it refers to the “couple” Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. As Jung himself tells in his book “Dreams, memories and reflections” (or in the book “Man and his symbols”, I don’t remember well), the first meeting between them would have marked a historical stage in the path of Psychology.

Jung had sent some of his studies to the older master and Freud had immediately understood the great value of this scholar born in Kesswil, in German-speaking Switzerland, on July 26, 1875, at 19.32 (this is the time indicated by Jung’s daughter, Emma Bauman Jung, astrologer, who drew up an astrological study of her father which I also published, at the beginning of the nineties, in my quarterly “Ricerca ’90”).

The great Zurich psychologist, who was also an astrologer, says that their first meeting was very intense and lasted more than a whole day, without interruptions. The transport of both had an echo in the fact that, at a certain point in the heated discussion, a part of Freud’s library collapsed. And Carl Gustav Jung said something like this: “Did you see, Master? What I call the ‘principle of synchronicity’ has happened and you will see that soon the other part of the library will also fall”, but Freud badly addressed his younger pupil / colleague who, however, was right and soon saw the collapse of the another piece of the library.

Sigmund Freud, older, was born in Freiberg, then Czechoslovakia, on May 6, 1856, at 6.30pm.

Let’s go back to MyAstral and the couple score which does not only concern the sentimental / sexual understanding, but also study, work, commercial and all kinds of relationships, for better or for worse.

There is more than one birth time that is considered for Jung and with one of them the couple score exceeds 40 points (44 points is the highest score I have found in over half a century of studies on couples).

Here, however, you will find 28 points (which is still a very high score), but if you have the very old Astral, my software from the eighties, you will have 32 points.

Here, then, are some explanations on how to obtain this score, which is none other than the result of many years of study and research, on my part, to try to “mathematize” the concepts shared by most schools of Astrology and by most of the male and female colleagues.

The construction of each single couple score is obtained with the rules that you see described, from today, in the output that allows you to compare, even if only theoretically, your compatibility with 1 or 10 different potential partners (in love, in study, research, business, etc.).

As we know from history, at the beginning the relationship between Freud and Jung was very intense and extremely positive, with theoretically immense potential for development.

However, relations precipitated between them when Freud said to his disciple: “We will have to make my theory a fortress!”, but Jung was a pure researcher and did not wish to build fortresses even on his own discoveries …

This caused the split between the two colleagues and they became great adversaries, after having been great allies.

I wrote a little while ago that the couple score reflects the thinking of almost all the Tradition, starting with that extraordinary aspect which is, for example, the conjunctio oppositorum, the conjunction of the Sun of A with the Moon of B which, if it is narrow, it is even worth 11 points!

However, I must remember that one of the most distinctive and in my opinion functioning elements in this couple assessment performed by MyAstral is giving great importance to the “signs of destiny” which are the same sign as subject A, the opposite sign and the two signs that concern those born three months before and three months after. For example, if we are talking about a Leo, we can immediately say that in his life, for better or for worse, the Lions, Aquariums, Taurus and Scorpions, will have a fundamental importance and therefore must be adequately “weighed” in the score of couple. The same goes for Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra or for Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.

Strangely, however, I often read even my students who, in dealing with this topic, completely ignore such an important reality and which, in my opinion, if eliminated in this kind of analysis, leads to completely incorrect results.

Another element of great importance, according to my personal experience in the field, then hoarded in the algorithms of MyAstral, is the number of aspects: it does not matter if we are talking about trigons and sextiles or quadratures and oppositions: if two subjects leave, for the common path, with many planetary aspects, is a sign that their couple score is very high, for the simple consideration that every time a star, be it Jupiter or Mars, passes over an important point of the sky of A, automatically, we also find it in another significant point of B’s ​​heaven. This means living a long life together, in moments of joy and also in those of difficulty.

MyAstral cares a lot about the topic “Couple Score” and what you see from today is just another step within a much more powerful program we are already working on.

But, now, let me write just a few observations on why, in a few cases, we can have a different couple score if we compare the calculation of the current MyAstral with that of the old Astral of the eighties.

The reason is quite simple to explain: in the software of many years ago, there was not the know-how of the huge database of the world’s time regimes that I wrote practically “by hand”, after many years of work, when I created GALRO, a in my opinion the most precise point of reference of the time regimes of the world where every city, of every country, was stored not only with the geographical longitude and latitude, but also taking into account whether in that place, at the time of the birth considered, it was in force the Julian or Gregorian calendar (in Russia this change occurred after the “October Revolution”) and if in that locality, for a given birth, it was necessary to consider local time or daylight saving time (ie the time zone) or the ‘summer time’ or the single or double hour of war and so on …

It goes without saying, therefore, that if we are considering, for example, an Ascendant of A in sextile to the Sun of B, the different precision of the two software (enormous in the case of MyAstral!) can take us out of the 4 degrees of tolerance of the aspect sextile and take away, for example, four points in the total and final score.

So, in conclusion, I would like to tell you to use the current calculation engine with great confidence, which has been checked many times and for many months.


Excellent searches at all!