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Available immediately, on Amazon, with ISBN-13 979-8842243693, my new book “50 AIMED LUNAR RETURNS – TO BETTER UNDERSTAND”, of 354 pages in the size 209.6 cm x 152.4 cm.
The book is in both Italian and English (both languages in the same volume). The translation is by Micol Martuscelli.
Here you can read the preface.
Happy reading to all.



Recently, a sympathiser of Active Astrology and a reader of mine contacted me for a consultation, which I could not do because I have not done any for many years, but I was struck by one of her sentences:

“I have read all your books!”.
I asked her if she knew that I had published more than one hundred and thirty of them and she, a little bewildered, replied:

“Excuse me, I have eighteen and I thought that was all of them…”.
Now the person in question is really decent and serious, but this ‘little incident’ says a lot about a sometimes unhappy aspect of my relationship with pupils.
In fact, I am sure that even in the face of this new publication of mine someone will exclaim:
“Finally, he has decided to publish something on Lunar Returns!”.
Forgetting that my books in which I deal a great deal with the subjects that are closest to my heart, such as Solar Returns, Lunar Returns, Aimed Solar Returns, Aimed Lunar Returns, Exorcising Symbols, Relocations and so on, number more than thirty and some of them are even 1200 pages long and in a very large format.
So it also happened that another time a very mediocre astrologer wrote the preface to the book of a newcomer and wrote something like this: “Finally, this book fills a big gap in the subject!
But in that case she was a mercenary writer and that would take us off topic…

Instead, coming back to us, this new book of mine is intended to address a precise question of many astrologers who have been trained on my texts:

Assuming that Aimed Lunar Returns are not indispensable, especially when it falls within a good Aimed Solar Return, can you explain, possibly with many examples, when it is useful to start and what needs to be favoured in those cases?

Here, this new book of mine has exactly that purpose and I hope you will find it useful in that direction.


With this in mind, I would like to propose 50 very practical exercises, which in my opinion could not be more practical, of consecutive Aimed Lunar Returns: 25 of them belong to Daniela, and 25 to me.

I would say it is quite a lot of content to think about and work on: from the ones just outside the door to the other long and complicated ones on various continents.

Some of them, then, in my opinion, offer us the cue for important reflections that go even beyond the specific and immediate purposes of this work.

In the text, in fact, I wanted to return to some themes that are fundamental to me, basic topics that have accompanied my entire personal journey of study and research, themes such as the opposing one of free will and destiny, but also others of no less importance such as the ‘‘issue of the radio technician’’ who knows that by changing the valve, the radio will start playing again and does not ask himself whether this is humanly possible or not…

And, in order to push myself again on exquisitely epistemological and not only epistemological paths, I have choses to go beyond, with much pain, and approach the subject of Luigi Galli’s death, which I have tried to deal with as secularly as possible, considering the great friendship that bound us together and which had in a 33-point synastry score the surest sign of the extraordinariness of a forty-year journey together.

I tried, among other things, to frame this death on an absolutely technical level, i.e. of a reading of it through the rules of Active Astrology.

And then, to follow this, I tried to place myself within a discourse that is as topical as ever: the one of Artificial Intelligence and ‘sentient’ computers, but always in order to ask myself to what extent our choices are authentic and autonomous and not dictated, for example, by the rules of an alleged matrix that would govern us.

Two exercises are very thorough and, in my opinion, very important for understanding the subject of Lunar Returns dealt with in this work, but also the subject of Solar Returns: a LR of mine in Sørkjosen, extreme north of Norway, which gave me almost absolute and almost definitive proof on the correction of my time of birth, and the very recent (just a few days ago) RSM 2022 in the jungle surrounding Antananarivo, Madagascar, where I was able to explain, among other things, the exceptional performance of the new MyAstral Maps application, which is going to enrich an already very powerful software available to anyone who understands its exceptional scope.

Good studies to you all.