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If I’m not mistaken, this is my 103rd blog where I try to explain, hopefully definitively, how to calculate the time of your return, solar or lunar, in your own country or abroad.


I’m not asking you to apply yourselves and try to understand the difference between Universal Time, Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich Mean Time, Local Time, a country’s Daylight Saving Time, a wartime, a dual wartime, and so on. No, but I would like you to fix very few “ABSOLUTE” steps, really easy to apply and which will allow you, even when I’m gone, not to make a big mistake in this very important monthly or annual appointment.


So, let’s refer to what is written under the return graph of and assume that the writing is:

10 August 2023, at 22.45 GMT


Now I will show you a procedure which, although it is formally incorrect, will make you stay at your destination on the exact day and time you need.

So let’s say, even if it is not so, that those 22.45 refer to London time, to be corrected as follows:

  1. A) If we are in winter, actually those are 10.45 pm in London.
  2. B) If we are in summer, i.e. when Daylight Saving Time is applied in all countries of the world, to obtain London time, we must add one hour and therefore the moment of our return corresponds to 22.45+1=23.45. This is London Time corrected to Daylight Saving Time.


At this point I could suggest different Internet sites, but I suggest only one:

You ask this site:

– What is the exact time in London? (at any time of the day).


– Then you will ask for the location where you will be, for example New York.

The second result, as you can see, will show you 5 hours behind and, therefore, for our example, we will have:

23.45-5= 18.45, which is the time of your Solar Return or Lunar Return, in New York, if you have to spend your return there.

Instead, let’s say you’re in Valencia, Spain. You will always ask the same two questions to the site:

For London, in our specific example, it will give you 23.45 and for Valencia it will indicate 00.45 (but on the August 11th and not 10!!), i.e. the same time as in Italy, France, Germany…

Of course, because here we are applying geographical and political conventions and it does not matter if, longitudinally, Valencia is located west of London and we consider it as if it were in Central Europe, almost in Poland…

Proceeding like this, you will be able to calculate each return hour, in a very precise way, even when you will no longer be able to send me emails…