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News on the site. Courtesy of AFP via Getty Images.

Some of you said they were sorry that they could no longer use the 20 euro token in this marvelous astrological search engine, being interested in only one Aimed Solar Return or one Aimed Lunar Return and, therefore, the MyAstral Owner wanted to please them, even exaggerating…

With the current 20 euro subscription, valid for 15 days, instead of a single search, thousands can be done…

And I am not referring only to thousands of Natal Skies or to as many comparisons between two subjects, but also to graphs of the Solar Return or the Lunar Return with very high precision.

Let’s take an example and refer to the beautiful Kim Kardashian, born in Los Angeles on October 21, 1980, at 10 and 46 minutes (a Libra with Sagittarius Ascendant and with strong Aquarius values). As can be seen in the first graph, the stupendous American actress and model, if she stayed in Los Angeles for her next birthday, she would take Saturn in the Midheaven and Mars in the sixth house (but not only).

Instead, let’s say she wanted Jupiter in the 10th House and an excellent Venus in the 1st-2nd House cusp: any of you, and with any cheap or free software, would understand that you should look for the solution west of Greenland, in Nunavut, Canada, around in Kivitoo, at the longitude of 64°51’57” W and at a latitude close to 67°56’05” N (!!).

And here’s how you can use the super-cheap 20 euro subscription to find the exact spot for this exercise: proceeding by trial and error, enter the Solar Return time into and then try multiple longitudes west of Kivitoo, or north or south, until you get a chart with Venus in the 1st/2nd House cusp. But be careful: all this with very high precision and using a real Home System (Placidus)!!

Obviously, if you have the Premium subscription, your search will be much easier because you just need to perform a few clicks on the enlargement of that geographic map and view the right geographical coordinates in real time… But, as already mentioned, this subscription option was designed for those who kept repeating that they wanted to get one and only one RSM.

Happy researching everyone.

P.S. I apologize because I forgot to add a sentence: “Before using this MyAstral subscription method, you need to turn on your brain”.

I thought it was obvious, but it wasn’t: someone who didn’t understand that Astrology is a very difficult subject and only for a few, said he was surprised that the calculation of the RS or RL, in this area, does not happen “automatically”. It seemed obvious to me: using a very high precision calculation engine and entering the data of an RS or a RL as if they were the birth data of a child, you will still be able to obtain what you need, making just one more step…

But someone thought it was implicit being able to have, with 20 euros, everything described even in the 100 and 1000 euro subscriptions…

What to say? Nothing.






Courtesy of AFP via Getty Images.