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What could be useful to study today the Aimed Solar Return of Daniela, on 2040? In 18 years, most likely she will still be there and most likely I will not be there anymore and then (you too can do it for your loved ones). I would like to leave you some advice for future birthdays right now when, perhaps, not. I’ll be there or when maybe I won’t be able to reason with sufficient clarity.
In this case we see that if Daniela were to stay in Milan, she would take an Ascendant in the 12th house cusp and Mars and Uranus in the 12th house, close to the Ascendant. Surely someone will tell you that it is an excellent combination “to grow” and, instead, I advise you right now to change the air and take an excellent tenth house, as suggested by MyAstral: the island of Ascension, at center of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Africa and South America. Until a few years ago they reached there with an English flight that from Oxford reached the Falkland Islands, making a stop, for refueling, about halfway, at the island of Ascension, in the archipelago of St. Helena, where they took Napoleon Bonaparte to die.
The flight was RAF, that is military, but it also embarked a dozen civilian passengers who, however, had to have the permission of the commander: who observed them and interviewed them verbally and then decided whether to take them on board.
Subsequently that airport was closed both for the reconstruction of the runway and for the Covid-19 pandemic, but I am sure that by 2040 it will be accessible again …
Sant’Elena, on the other hand, can be reached by starting with normal civil flights from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Notice, in the graph erected for Ascension, the splendid tenth house with Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ascendant (at Daniela’s age and for the work she will do, there will be no contraindications for the Ascendant in the 10th house).
Good continuation to all with the fantastic MyAstral!