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Daniela’s Aimed Solar Return for 2034 may take place on Rowley Island, Nunavut. It will not be exceptional, but good, having Jupiter in the sixth house and Venus in the seventh.

This Aimed Solar Return offers us the opportunity to think about a geographical aspect relating to the area of ​​the world intercepted here: Nunavut, an endless territory of over 2 million square meters plus 160,000 square meters of water: therefore more than seven times the size of Italy. It is a sparsely inhabited area and, consequently, with very few cities or villages or airports, as can be seen from the map shown here.

This is the world area of the famous “northwest passage”.

If we were further south, in the US, we would have to average almost one airport every ten kilometers …

We remind you that in Canada the airports with regular scheduled flights are those marked with a Y as the first letter of the OAG / IATA code: for example YVR which is Vancouver. Currently, therefore, of the few, very few, Nunavut airports, only a small part can be reached by scheduled flights.

Naturally in 2034 we think that this situation will change a lot, also in consideration of the fact that the very current areas of the Earth will become the only habitable areas of the planet.

We also remember that in Canada there is a road and rail network almost completely unknown to us non-Canadian citizens: we were aware of it ten to twelve years ago, on the occasion of an Aimed Lunar Return to Prince Rupert, a very pretty island on the border between British Columbia and Alaska. Here we met a nice Italian from the province of Frosinone who has been working there for over thirty years and he told us, in fact, that from Prince Rupert it is possible to reach the far east of Canada both by car and by rail: even Saint John’s, in Newfoundland!

But let’s go back to our exercise to say that, unfortunately, at the moment the scarcity of Nunavut airports did not allow us to “play” on the geographical latitude and a location able to expand the houses in the Placidus domification to the right point so as to give us, perhaps, to get both Jupiter and Venus on the cusp, as we would have been able to do in other territories such as Russia.