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What you see in the following graphs is my astral situation for the year 2048, 100 years after my birth, expressed by the Aimed Solar Return for Milan and by the correction I made to it for the island of Atiu, in the archipelago Cook, southwest Polynesia.

It’s a joke? Not at all!

I will almost certainly no longer be there, but this exercise is not theoretical and useless, but practical and very useful for Daniela, my beloved wife who I hope will be able to carry out this project.

When I announced to the world my discovery of targeted birthdays in the early 1970s and began writing several articles on the subject, I was considered a heretic and crazy by all my colleagues and colleagues.

Today everyone says, however, that it was something obvious, logical, and they are even ready to swear that they themselves, in previous lives and in elementary school, suggested to their classmates to move to other continents on their birthday to get from heaven a better year…

Mark today’s date well because it too will be marked as “heretical”.

I have already explained it in many of my conferences and also in many congresses in recent decades, but today I leave it as an important new (I think) step of my cultural and scientific heritage in the path of Astrology.

I decided it many years ago and I also left it written in my will (given that in a few months I will have reached the remarkable age of 75!) that, once I’m gone (fortunately I haven’t started yet to study when this will happen), I wish to be cremated and I also wish that Daniela, in Switzerland, where there is a company specialized in this (but now also in Florence), using my ashes, with the sum of 5,000 euros (less the cost of a funeral), they will transform my remains into a small diamond that my wife has promised she will wear on her finger and that will allow her to take me on aimed birthdays too.

Does it seem absurd to you?


If the birthday aimed at in life is true, why shouldn’t that of one’s remains also work?

Think about it, reflect a lot and you will understand that it is so.

Another hundred years of criticism and excommunication will follow, but then everyone will say that they have been doing it since the time of Julius Caesar and also of Barabbas…

What I propose to you today, then, is a practical exercise that explains this: obviously my targeted birthdays will not be aimed at “making me feel better”, but at supporting Daniela, helping to increase her quality of life, in the hope that she, at 86, will still be alive.

If someone does not understand what this help will consist of, they can always read and study these celestial graphs, perhaps for the first time, through the indications of my book “Transits and Solar Returns” (translated and known in many languages).

As far as I’m concerned, thinking about this, I like to imagine that day “seeing” myself neither “up there” nor “below”, but simply in the hand of a person who loved me very much and whom I love dearly.