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My new book “Synthetic Interpretation of the Lunar Revolution” of which I follow the preface text:



A new contribution of mine to the interpretation of the Lunar Returns, targeted and non-targeted, for the repetita iuvant series. In fact, the descriptions you find in this short book of mine are almost the same as those contained in a much more weighty tome, “Transits and Solar Returns”, which in its Russian-language edition, for example, has over 800 pages.

It is not a simple copy of the essential parts of that book, but a rereading of them with different marginal notes and passages expanded or underlined in a different way.

The whole, one hundred and twenty pages, represents, in fact, a “synthetic reading of the Lunar Returns” which is the purpose of this work enriched by some unpublished examples that are added to hundreds of others published in over half a century of studies and research on the topic Active Astrology: only in The Great Treatise on Astrology it is possible to study hundreds of graphs illustrating the role of the RLs within the cultured scan of the RS in which the former strongly emphasize what is already evident in the latter.

Also of note, I believe, is the opening of two “new north-west passages” explained in a specific chapter that follows and which, in my opinion, open up new and interesting perspectives in the study of this very important part of Active Astrology.

What I like to call the “Dubai family”, headed by Chiara Barbaro who strongly wanted that application jewel called MyAstral, works almost 24 hours a day (since the whole team moves, mainly, to many time zones away from each other, especially between Miami, New York, London, Barcelona, ​​Milan and Dubai) to offer new “razor sharp” tools with which to use, fully and without the risk of making calculation errors, the wonderful art-science of targeted, solar and lunar birthdays.

The last cameo, just a few days ago, the “Maps of MyAstral”, created above all by the brilliant mind of Stefano Briganti, is something that even the Author declared, only a few weeks ago, that it would be impossible to create, but who writes is a fan thirsty for the discovery of new passages in the north-west and this is an example of what can be achieved when dedicating a lifetime to such a project …

Those who belong to this school know that, in addition to the enormous importance of having discovered the possibility of obtaining a better year or month by moving to the day of one’s solar or lunar return, it is equally fundamental to carry out this operation not with a primitive language of the like “I will put Jupiter in the tenth”, but using a very high trigonometric semantics, in the direction ‘I will place this cusp at tot primes of a degree and at theoretically impossible latitudes’ and I will also verify what it can mean to choose between two hotels to sleep, let’s put one kilometer away reciprocal, in the far north of Norway, Canada, Greenland or Iceland, so as not to miss a RL sky”.

All this satisfies me and it is also the legacy that I wanted to give to those superior scholars of Active Astrology and not to clumsy Sunday practitioners trained on some YouTube and followers, perhaps, of the word of Duckburg.

My future path, for objective reasons, will not be long and I like to think that dozens of books like this and very sophisticated tools like MyAstral, will indicate a precise path even to future scholars who do not yet know they are.

Long live Astrology of the highest level!