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Our IT team, led by the extraordinary Stefano Briganti, has given birth to a new splendid jewel that is added to the other cameos of the MyAstral treasure: the “Maps of MyAstral” in its most complete and probably definitive version!

Few of you, in 2004, had the privilege of using “Aladdin Google Earth” which was then blocked by the fact that the Mountain View giant pulled the plug from the developers of its satellite used for the most diverse IT implementations with a geographic address. Today, after 18 years, MyAstral is pleased to announce a new, much enhanced version of that computer-astrological prodigy.

“MyAstral Maps” immediately allows all subscribers (without any additional subscription cost) to carry out unlimited searches in the area.

You can start from a free search on the entire surface of the world (home screen), but it is also possible – and this is certainly the most efficient use of this tool – to go and “interrogate” every single meter of territory in search of the best Solar Return or the best Lunar Return or the best Relocation. And if it may seem uninteresting when you have to choose between two neighboring cities and at low latitudes, the searches become wonderfully responsive when we are in high latitudes and in extra-urban areas.

In these cases, those who follow our school know that he has to work on the cusps and not those described on Topolino, but those that require the measurement of 2.5 degrees of circumference. In many cases we try to make a star fall into a cusp and in as many situations we want to make a star come out of the space of a cusp.

Our Maps, then, is truly irreplaceable: not only because we know that we can rely on very high levels of accuracy in calculations, but also – and above all – because our searches can take place interactively, in real time, by reading the value of the cusps and also observing the color of the stars drawn: red indicates the stars in direct motion, blue shows us the retrograde planets and green every celestial body that is on the cusp!

But the wonders of this software do not stop there and MyAstral wanted to exaggerate, even overdo it: let’s say you would like to check if a small hotel in Iceland and very far from any city is good for your return, just enter the name of said hotel, for example Fosshótel Stykkishólmur, and our Maps will display it immediately and will allow you to check “to the thousandth” if it is good or not for this return.

Can you ask for more in relation to Active Astrology? In our opinion no, but of course we know that all this does not interest a lot of people and that’s okay for us.

Now let’s do a practical example of using it.

Let’s start with the birth dates of the new King of England, Charles III, born in London on November 14, 1948, at 9:14 pm.

As many know, the son of Elizabeth II has always been very interested in so-called esoteric themes, homeopathic medicine, organic crops and so on and therefore we would not be surprised at all if in a few days he were to celebrate his birthday away from London, to avoid himself. Mars in the twelfth house and also the Ascendant in the twelfth house (even if at the beginning of our discoveries the English colleagues, like those from all over the world, greatly opposed the same, now they have almost completely embraced the same ones). For those who understand something about Active Astrology, it will not be difficult at all to understand the reason for its probable displacement, but – in the meantime – let’s try, as a pure theoretical exercise, to want to study its next birthday starting from the choice to place Jupiter in its tenth house of Solar Revolution. Already in mind and without any difficulty it is clear to us that the Sovereign should go to the area of ​​the world near the Svalbard Islands, Norway, just below the North Pole.

Yes but where? And, above all, can we trust to hypothesize a map of the sky at similar geographical latitudes?

With “MyAstral Maps” yes, definitely.

And here is the solution that you can see on the graph proposed here (it would not be possible for Jan Mayen because Mars would remain in the twelfth house and the Ascendant of RS would remain in the first radix, but much further north of Jan Mayen the operation would be feasible).

Obviously, for a king and for a king who does not govern a banana monarchy, reaching that precise point of the ocean by ship or plane is easy to do …

Many wishes, Your Majesty!